Models and Cut Section


Models related to the mechanical domain such as IC engine parts and fluid machinery parts are properly kept for study in the lab.  The lab is well equipped for the research of models relevant to the mechanical domain, such as IC engine parts and fluid machinery parts.

Internal combustion engines are widely used in automobiles, motorcycles, and many other applications to convert the chemical energy of fuel into mechanical work. Understanding the key parts of an IC engine is crucial for mechanical engineers and automotive enthusiasts.

Devices designed to handle and manipulate fluids, such as pumps, turbines, and compressors are present in the lab. These machines are crucial in numerous industries, including energy generation, transportation, manufacturing, and environmental control. Understanding the key parts of fluid machinery is essential for engineers and technicians working in these fields.

Bevel gear sys
Water pump
Speedometer and odometer
Lobe pump
Centrifugal compressor
Connecting rod
Diffenent pully mechanism
Master cylinder
Gear pump
Butterfly valve
Brake cylinder
Fuel injector
Check valve
Mechanical fuel pump
Multiplate clutch
Piston ring
Trorque convertor
Vane pump
Turbo charger
Bendix drive
Centrifugal blower
Centrifugal pump
Crank shaft
Diaphram valve
Gear lubricating pump
Helical gear system
Reciprocating pump
Electrical fuel pump
Cam Shaft
Rzeppa Joint (CV Joint )
Coil Ignition system
Disc brake
Epicyclic gear
Globe valve
Plug valve
Shock absorber
Spur gear sys
Worm gear sys
Two stroke single cylinder engine
Gear box
Double shoe brake
Single plate clutch
Tracta joint
Cut section model 3 cylinder engine assembly
Internally expanded shoe brake
Ackerman steering nsys
Diesel supply sys
Actual cut section gear box working model with sector mechanism
Mechanical brake sys
Petrol supply sys