Shock absorber

  • A shock absorber or damper is a mechanical or hydraulic device used to absorb and damp shock impulses. This is done by converting the kinetic energy of the shock into another form of energy (typically heat), which is then dissipated. Most shock absorbers are some sort of dashpot (a damper that resists motion by viscous friction)
  • The top of the shock absorber is fixed to the body or the frame and the bottom to a suspension link or the axle itself. Both fixing points should be as rigid as possible, so that the shock absorber also functions  at more sensitive levels
  • A shock absorber produces a resistance force in the opposite direction of the movement that occurs when it lengthens or shortens. This force prevents continuous oscillation of the vehicle. To create that  force, the shock absorber forces the oil inside it to relocate when it moves. As this flow passes through the valve groups inside, it encounters a resistance which makes the shock absorber to gen