Students Grievance Cell

As per the ordinance from KTU, a Student Grievance Cell has been constituted in this institution with the following officials :

Sl.No. Name & Designation Contact Number
1 Dr. Abdul Hameed K M, Principal (Chairperson) 9446522211
2 Sri. Suresh K Damodaran, AP EEE (Convenor) 9447002990
3 Dr. Sajith K, HOD ECE  
4 Mr. K.S. Valsaraj, HOD CSE  
5 Mr. Somasundaram P, HOD EEE  
6 Mr. Lijo V, HOD ME  
7 Mr. Ashraf P A, HOD AS  
8 Dr. Thajudin Ahmed V I, Professor ECE  
9 Ms. Shilpi M, AP EEE  
10 Mrs. Dhanya Raj, AP CSE  
11 Mr. Raveendran C A, Administrative Assistant  
12 Mrs. Joly Thomas, AP (Physical Education)