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Head of Department : Prof. Mathew M. Mecheril

The department consists of 4 Assistant Professors in Mathematics, 2 Assistant Professor in Physics, 2 Assistant Professor in Chemistry , 1 Assistant Professor in Economics and 1 Assistant Professor in English to cater the needs of different UG and PG Engineering disciplines.


  • Physics Lab
  • Chemistry Lab


Name Post Qualification Phone Email ID
Mr. Mathew Mecheril Associate Professor (Physics) & Head MSc, M.Phil, M.Tech, NET 9447426428
Dr. Subin P. Joseph Asst. Professor (Mathematics)< M.Sc., NET, PhD 04936240049 9447288354
Mr. Asharaf P. A. Asst. Professor (Mathematics) & Head M. Sc., NET 9847895238
Mr. Sajeevan M. M. Asst. Professor(Chemistry) MSc., NET 9447634676
Ms. Joly Thomas Asst. Professor (Physical Education) MPE, NET 9495350435
Ms. Sreentha.M.S Asst. Professor(Adhoc-Maths) M.Phil.(Mathematics), M.Sc. Mathematics, B.Ed. Mathematics. 9961758332
Mr. Anoop K.Jose Asst. Professor(Adhoc-Humanities) M A (Economics), B.Ed, NET, P.G.D.C.A 9747517504
Mr. Bibin Varghese Asst. Professor(Adhoc-Chemistry) M Sc (Chemistry), B.Ed 9447537328
Ms. Soumya P Nair Asst. Professor(Adhoc-Physics) M Sc (Physics) 9846184860
Ms. Rejitha N A Asst. Professor(Adhoc-Maths) M Sc (Maths) 9487793159
Dr. Dolly George Asst. Professor(Adhoc-English) PhD 8943966150


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