Central Library

Central Library

Government Engineering College Wayanad


With a large collection of over 22747 books, 10 periodicals, CD-ROMs and reports, the library serves the needs of the students and staff of the college. The library is kept open from 8:30am to 4:30pm on all working days. The College Library consists of a reference section and lending section. A Book Bank is also functioning in the library, exclusively for SC/ST students. Students can keep the books for 14 days and there after a fine Re.1/- per day per book will be levied. The library is fully computerized and has a heavy-duty Photocopier machine for the benefit of students and staff. Online availability of international journals is also provided.

Scientific Information Officer  : Mr. Faisal Marakkar M P
Faculty In Charge                       : Dr. Nakul Narayanan K

Tabs Required:

Four Sub Tabs Needed: Electrical, Electronics, Mechanical and Computer Science
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Previous Year Question Paper
Four Sub Tabs Needed: Electrical, Electronics, Mechanical and Computer Science.
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Suggest a Book
A form should be displayed with the following information.
Name of Book:
Faculty/Student Name:
Faculty/Student Number:
Once the student/faculty submit the form, the content should be emailed to
Library Rules
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Digital Resources
Two sub tabs Needed: Knimbus, National Digital Library of India (NDLI) In the Knimbus landing page, the following details should be displayed. As you all know, DTE Kerala has made a central subscription of Knimbus – A cloud- based digital library with a mobile app that can be accessed anytime, anywhere and any device integrated with paid resources of Elsevier Science Direct Journals.
Click here to login:
URL: https://gecwydlibrary.knimbus.com

In the NDLI landing page,
NDLI-Club is a platform for conducting learning-oriented events, both online (both local as well as involving many other institutes) and offline, for students of an institute using contents of NDLI (and others as well) and experts (of the institute as well as external) to deliver talks or conduct sessions. Examples of online events are webinars by experts on specific topics or examination preparation strategy. Examples of offline events are quiz sessions, debate competitions, storytelling, book review, film screening etc. The benefit is to facilitate learning among students through activities. Online events can be conducted through the NDLI-Club platform itself without the need of any other service.

Click here to be a part on NDLI GECWYD Club.
URL: https://club.ndl.iitkgp.ac.in/sign-up
Institute's Unique Passkey is: ac3bd5fb-0040-4a14-9249-663068fd54ed
Thesis Submission
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