Mechanical Engineering

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Head of Department : Dr. Lijo Vincent
The Department of Mechanical Engineering has been started in the academic year 2014, with B. Tech course in Mechanical Engineering. It is the youngest department in the institution. The intake of the students per year for the programme is 60. This department consists of 1 Associate Professor and 3 Assistant Professor.  Mechanical Engineering has got much more global demand now-a-days as a conventional branch of engineering, the young, talented students searching for, due to the increased demand by the companies inside and outside the country. Today, mechanical engineers are working in all areas of our modern society. Industries, production plants, power plants, logistics, automobiles, aerospace, aircraft, ship technology, machine design, machines and controls, renewable energy, robotics, etc in all these fields, research, development and innovation are strongly influenced by mechanical engineers. The automation systems in the production sector are rapidly enhancing and the demand for highly skilled mechanical engineers is on the rise. Moreover, mechanical engineering influences our day-to-day life a lot. Employment perspectives are also excellent not only in our nation, but also abroad, where there is a shortage of qualified mechanical engineers.

Department Vision

To become a center of excellence in Mechanical Engineering with virtues for the upliftment of the society.

Department Mission

To impart quality education in Mechanical and allied areas with a focus on leadership, ethical guidelines and virtues to meet the relevant and timely needs of the society.

Program Educational Objectives

Practice the mechanical engineering discipline successfully and ethically.

Graduates will sustain life-long learning activities the associated areas of science and technology


Mechanical Engg. Workshop

The fundamentals of workshop practice are done in the basic workshop of Mechanical Engineering.  The first year students of all branches are given training in the different sections namely carpentry, fitting, welding, sheet metal and smithy.




Civil Workshop

The Civil Workshop includes experiments on chain surveying, plain table surveying, and levelling,  etc. and the lab gives sufficient exposure to students in the relevant and up-to-date aspects of surveying.

Hydraulics Lab

Provides facilities to study characteristics of various notches, wears and turbines.





Heat Engines Lab

Provides facilities to study characteristics of various diesel and petrol engines.





Name Post Qualification Phone Email ID
Prof. (Dr) Lijo V. Professor & Head Ph.D 9995146737
Prof. Sumesh Babu C.V. Assistant Professor M Tech  9656111386
Prof. Allwin Rana J.R Assistant Professor(Adhoc) M. Tech 8547741980
Prof.  Ali K P Assistant Professor(Adhoc) M. Tech 7034785014
Prof. Albin K Joseph Assistant Professor(Adhoc) M Tech 9633322597
Prof. Shaijil J Assistant Professor(Adhoc) M Tech 9495785139
Prof. Arun George(Adhoc) Assistant Professor M Tech 9633936297
Prof. Tensin Joseph(Adhoc) Assistant Professor M Tech 9400746641
Prof. Deljin Kuriakose Assistant Professor(Adhoc) M Tech 9539560466

Technical Staff

NamePostQualificationPhoneEmail ID
Mr. Vipin Raj RInstructor Gr IB tech9744885169 
Mr. Jibin C. AInstructor Gr IIDiploma9207521077
Mr. Xavier C.JTrade InstructorITI9447479863
Mr. Mahesh P.KTrade InstructorITI9656271797 
Mr. Mariam C.ATrade
Mr. Jyothish M.MTrade
Mr.Ambujakshan STradesmanITI8075184375 
Mr. Thomas .N.STradesmanITI9605292875 
Mr. Sibin Raj K.RTradesmanITI9605375457