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The Civil Engineering Department started in this campus ensures support to all other engineering departments of this institute for conducting basic civil engineering workshop, provides material testing lab, material testing lab for mechanical engineering department, and teaching subjects like engineering mechanics and  basics of civil engineering. The Department currently has five faculty members who have specializations  in Structural Engineering, Geotechnical Engineering and Transportation Engineering.

The academic activities are supported by Material Testing, Strength of Materials, Survey and CAD laboratories. The faculties have also been active in offering consultancy services to industries, soil tests for assessing the foundation, testing of materials for assessing the quality of work in different types of constructions and generating income to the institute through continuing education.


Currently the Department is headed by  Prof. Rahmathulla Noufal E



Material Testing Lab

This lab offers the consultancy work like testing of the quality of steel bars of different diameters in RCC construction works,  Testing the Compressive Strength of cubes for 7 and 28 days. Also we will do the quality test of M-Sand, River Sand and Metals. We prepare the mix design of different propotions based on the need of the client.

Lab in charge: Prof. Rahmathulla Noufal E





Basics Civil Engineering Workshop

This lab offers basic civil engineering construction procedures for the first year B.Tech students in all the departments, it will also provide the different surveying techniques to the first year B.Tech students in various departments. 





NamePostQualificationPhoneEmail ID
Prof. Rahmathulla Noufal EAssistant ProfessorPh.D (Doing)
Ms. Greeshma N RAssistant Professor(Adhoc)
Ms. Anjana BabyAssistant Professor(Adhoc)
Ms. Athira T RAssistant Professor(Adhoc)M.Tech

Technical Staff

Technical Staff

NamePostQualificationPhoneEmail ID
Mrs. Bobby P
Ms. Unnimaya P JInstructor Gr. II (Adhoc)B