Multiplate wet clutch 

  • The multiplate wet clutch is located in the engine casing and has a supply of oil to lubricate and cool the components.
  • ‘The working of a multiplate wet clutch is similar to that of a single plate clutch. The plates are alternately fitted to the engine crankshaft and gearbox shaft. They are firmly pressed by strong coil springs and assembled in a drum type casing.
  • Each of the alternate clutch plate slides on the grooves on the flywheel and the other slides on splines on the pressure plate. Thus, each alternate clutch plate has inner and outer splines.
  • When the clutch pedal is operated, the pressure plate rotates with the flywheel and presses against the friction plate. This forces the clutch plate and clutch shaft as well.
  • When the clutch pedal is pressed, the clutch plates are released and the flywheel still rotates because they are not fully pressed by the pressure plate. Thus, the clutch shaft also stops rotating.