Rzeppa Joint (cv joint)

  • The Rzeppa joint is typically used in front-wheel drive vehicles, where it is used to transfer the engine’s power to the wheels, even as the angle of the driveshaft varies due to the operation of the suspension
  • The Rzeppa joint works by using six balls and an inner and outer race to provide almost constant velocity torque transfer regardless of the joint angle
  • The joint works in a similar manner to a bevel gear with the balls bisecting the joint angle and functioning as the “teethto transmit torque. This design allows for the smooth transfer of power even as the angle between the two shafts changes.  
  • Rzeppa joints are used in applications where flexible shaft couplings are not enough to accommodate the misalignment of the shafts. They are made in two styles: the bell type for high-angle displacement and the disc type for low-angle displacement. They are lubricated with heavy oil and have oil tight covers.