Pneumatic Coconut Dehusking
The main objective of this machine is to remove the coconut shell and to eliminate the skilled labour involved in dedehusking. The coconut outer shell is a fibrous husk one to two inches thick. This paper deals with the design and fabrication of pneumatic operated coconut dehusking machine. This project is aimed at producing an efficient and more economical machine for coconut industry. The coconut is known for its great versatility as seen in many domestic, commercial, and industrial uses of its different parts. Coconuts are different from any other fruits because they contain large quantity of tender and when immature they are known as tender-nuts or jelly-nuts and may be harvested for drinking. When they mature they still contain some water and can be used as seed nuts or pro- cessed to give oil from the kernel, charcoal from hard shell and coir from fibrous husk. One traditional method used for coconut dehusking is using a machete. This is done by using human energy. This method is risky and tedious and yet requires skills. Hence an alternative is suggested in our project which reduces time involved in coconut dehusking and human effort. Depending upon the survey different sizes of coconut are determined. The machine is designed to accommodate different sizes of the coconut that are cultivated anywhere in the world.