Internally expanded shoe brake

  • The brake shoes and brake-operating mechanism are supported on a backing plate or brake shield attached to the vehicle axle, while the brake drum, attached to the rotating wheel, acts as a cover for the shoe and operating mechanism and furnishes a frictional surface for the brake shoes.
  • An internally expanded shoe brake is a type of brake that uses friction caused by a set of shoes or pads that press against a rotating drum shaped part called a brake drum. This type of brake is commonly used in automobiles, especially for the rear wheels.
  • The brake shoe of an internal expanding brake is forced outward against the drum to produce the braking action.
  • One end of the shoe is hinged to the backing plate by an anchor pin, while the other end is unattached and can be moved in its support by the operating mechanism.
  • A retracting spring returns the shoe to the original position when braking action is no longer required