• Fuel injectors are located in the intake manifold and spray fuel through a tiny nozzle. The fuel injector uses a special nozzle to spray the fuel as mist, instead of a strong jet stream.
  •  Fuel injectors in a Jeep are responsible for delivering fuel to the engine. They a r e electronically controlled and spray fuel into the engine’s intake manifold. The amount of fuel injected is determined by the engine control module (ECM) based on various sensor inputs.
  • fuel injectors are an essential part of your vehicle that helps it get up and running each time you turn it on. Over time, fuel injectors can become dirty and lose their effectiveness, creating substantial performance problems
  • a fuel injector flush provides many benefits to your vehicle, including: Improves your g a s mileage, thus, saving you money. It helps to reduce emissions and reduces your carbon footprint. It can also increase the life of your vehicle.