In the Fluid Mechanics and Machinery Lab, students explore the principles of fluid mechanics through practical experiments. They study fluid behaviour, flow rates, and hydraulic machinery performance, including pumps and turbines. This lab allows students to verify theoretical concepts, understand fluid flow phenomena, and analyse the efficiency of various fluid machines. It plays a vital role in preparing students for designing and optimizing fluid-based systems in engineering projects. 


  • Determine the coefficient of discharge of flow measuring devices (notches, orifice meter and Venturi meter) 
  • Calibrate flow measuring devices (notches, orifice meter and Venturi meter)
  • Evaluate the losses in pipes 
  • Determine the metacentric height and stability of floating bodies 
  • Determine the efficiency and plot the characteristic curves of different types of pumps and turbines 

LAB IN CHARGE:  Prof. Ahammed Kabeer V P   TECHNICAL-STAFF-IN-CHARGE  Sri. Sunilkumar O V