Every year a majority of the crops produced is suffered in quality and quantity due to improper  processing methods and shortage of storage facilities. This is causing major hunger issues in developing and under developed countries. Drying is a processing technique used for food product preservation. Drying by solar energy is an ancient food preservation technique. For this preservation application different types of solar dryers are used. Open sun drying (OSD) is the most common method of drying in rural areas. Indirect type solar dryer (ITSD) is one of the non-conventional dryers used to dry food products and this type of dryer with its unique features, types, and different technique incorporated to improve its performance has not been investigated so far in any detail. In this project a new type of indirect type solar dryer with thermal energy storage is designed and fabricated to increase efficiency and reduce the spoilage of food crops thereby helping the farmers in Wayanad to maintain the quality and quantity of their food product.