The Computer-Aided Machine Drawing Lab equips students with modern design tools such as Libre CAD, Free CAD and Solid Works software packages to create detailed and precise engineering drawings. Using computer-aided design (CAD) software, students can model complex machine components and assemblies accurately. This lab emphasizes the importance of clear and standardized drawings in the engineering design process. Students also learn to annotate and dimension their designs, making them industry-ready for communicating technical information effectively.


  • Apply the acquired knowledge in design, thermal, manufacturing and interdisciplinary areas for solving industry and socially relevant problems.
  • To enhance the abilities of students by imparting knowledge in emerging technologies to make them confident mechanical engineers.
  • Apply the knowledge of engineering drawings and standards to prepare standard dimensioned drawings of machine parts and other engineering components
  • Apply limits and tolerances to components and choose appropriate fits for given assemblies 
  • Interpret the symbols of welded, machining and surface roughness on the component drawings.
  • Prepare part and assembly drawings and Bill of Materials of machine components and valves using CAD software. 
  • LAB IN CHARGE Prof. Shafeeque C P,  TECHNICAL STAFF IN CHARGE  Sri. Mohammed Yasir K