The fundamental workshop of the Mechanical Engineering department serves as the introductory platform for students to grasp essential workshop practices. This foundational experience is mandatory for first-year students across all departments. The basic workshop encompasses distinct sections, including Carpentry, Smithy, Foundry, Fitting, Welding, and  Sheet Metal.


*Provide a comprehensive introduction to vital workshop skills, fostering a solid understanding of Carpentry, Smithy, Foundry, Fitting, Welding, and Sheet Metal techniques.

*Establish a mandatory foundational workshop experience for all first-year students, ensuring proficiency in fundamental Mechanical Engineering practices

*Cultivate a culture of safety and precision, instilling responsible workshop habits while honing proficiency in the handling of workshop tools and equipment

Lab in charge : Prof. Laiju Lukose   Technical staff in charge :  Sri. Xavier C J



  1.  Fitting : Filing practice, L joint
  2.  Weldng :  Staight welding practice, Butt joint
  3.  Carpentry  : Planing Practice, T- joint
  4.  Sheet metal : Straight cutting practice,  Tray making
  5.  Smithy
  6.  Foundry


  1. Bench Vice
  2. V block
  3. Spanner Set
  4. File Flat
  5. Hacksaw Frame
  6. Combination Set
  7. Center Punch
  8. Dial Indicator
  9. Screw Driver
  10. Round File
  11. Square File
  12. Ball Pein Hammer
  13. Cross Pein Hammer
  14. Magnetic Dial Stand
  15. Machine Vice
  16. Vernier Height Gauge
  17. Die Set
  18. Divider
  19. Inside Caliper
  20. Outside Micrometer
  21. V-Block with Clamp
  22. Number Punch Set
  23. Letter Punch
  24. Steel Rule
  25. Tap Handle
  26. Tap
  27. Depth Caliper
  28. Thread Gauge
  29. Screw Jack
  30. Radius Gauge
  31. Hollow Punch
  32. Drilling M/C
  33. Try Square
  34. Working Bench