Global pollution levels are ever increasing, and so are its consequences. Almost 40% of this pollution is accountable from transportation, as most of the vehicles we today are internal combustion engines, and they produce each and every time it is being run. As automotive sector is a booming industry, if this trend continues current pollution regulations may not be enough to bring a halt to the consequences of pollution levels in earth’s crust. Hence it is really important to accelerate the transition to sustainable transport. Current electric vehicles come with a problem of range anxiety and slow charging speeds. Although battery swapping is being utilized, this requires extra batteries and in turn extra cost. To create a successful charging infrastructure will require a large capital investment.

This project converts a conventional internal combustion engine bike into a fully operational and functional electric bike without sacrificing the aesthetics and viability. It will be powered by a DC motor combined with lithium ion battery technology. The use of lithium ion battery will increase the range and also these batteries are known to maintain their charge cycles upto 20 years, which 4 times that of lead acid batteries. The bike will also be equipped with an on board charger so that we can charge it anywhere, anytime. The battery packs will also have Battery Management System to counteract the negative effects of lithium ion batteries. Apart from that, the feasibility of adding portable batteries is also examined for the purpose of range extension.