Computer Science and Engineering

Head of the Department: Dr. Gilesh M.P.
Vision of the Department
To evolve as a premier centre in Computer Science and Engineering education and research for a fulfilling career, social welfare  and sustainable environment
Mission of the Department
  1. To provide quality technical education through an effective teaching learning process.
  2. To foster research ambience to face technological challenges for the benefit of society and environment.
  3. To strengthen industry-institute interface for developing teamwork and entrepreneur skills
  4. Instilling the spirit of integrity, equity and professional ethics
  5. Facilitating appropriate co-curricular, extracurricular and extension activities.
Programs offered
Program Course Intake
UG B.Tech in Computer Science & Engineering 60
PG M.Tech in Computer Science & Engineering (Networks & Security) 18
Ph.D PhD in Computer Science & Engineering -

---Our Facilities---

Virtual Classroom
  • Used for arranging classes by eminent professors/resource persons from their institute through the Internet for the students of GECW
  • Can accommodate 60 participants in air conditioned comfort
  • The audio visual facilities available are the ones designed for effective presentations facilitating excellent auditory reception


Network Lab

  • Offer state-of-the-art facilities for curricular lab sessions and academic projects in the field of computer networking
  • 65 numbers of high-end desktops and a workstations
  • All the machines are equipped with software for networking experiments.


project-lab-cse Project Lab
  • Provide high-end computers and latest softwares to facilitate student projects as well as to nurture research talents in students
  • The lab is equipped with 25 high end desktop computers and user licenses of software like visual studio etc



Software Lab

  • Hosts an environment to practice and master various programming languages
  • Curricular lab sessions on Data Structures, Languages of Different Programming Paradigms, Compiler Design etc. are offered at this lab.


Language Lab
  • Aims to provide the students with a strong platform for getting training in verbal and spoken english
  • When a blended methodology of language teaching is adopted in the language lab, the human touch brought in by a physical teacher (during the classroom section of the language lab) ensures a live delivery of language concepts.



Department Library

  • A library controlled and operated by the department, which is highly used by the staff members and students of the department
  • Houses a good number of text books, reference books in computer science, Mathematics and related subjects, records of Industrial Training Reports, University question papers, Reports of PG and UG seminars and Projects


Conference Hall

  • Conference hall is used for conducting department conferences, meetings and project presentations.



Other Facilities

  • Multimedia lab
  • Seminar Hall
  • Content Generation Lab
  • High Performance Computing Cluster
  • Students Grievance Cell (Department Level)
  • Students Counseling Cell (Department Level)
  • Students Mentoring


# Name Post Held Qualification Contact No Email Id
1 Dr. Gilesh M P Professor and Head PhD 9249285500
2 Prof. Shabeer K P Assistant Professor ME 9447415506
3 Prof. Binatha C Assistant Professor M.Tech 9947875304
4 Prof. Dhanya Raj P Assistant Professor M.Tech 9447025214
5 Prof. Smitha Karunan Assistant Professor M.Tech 9497623821
6 Prof. Dilna P M Assistant Professor M.Tech 9387333793
7 Dr.Nikesh P Assistant Professor PhD 9809092954
8 Prof. Anju K B Assistant Professor M.Tech 8078262937
9 Prof. Riji R Assistant Professor M.Tech 9895195326
10 Prof. Athulya C Shaji Assistant Professor (Adhoc) M.Tech 9061459614
11 Prof. Neevan R Assistant Professor (Adhoc) M.Tech 9745636233
12 Prof. Julia Andrews Assistant Professor (Adhoc) M.Tech 8281082508
13 Prof. Sangeetha Mary Assistant Professor (Adhoc) M.Tech 9745887743
14 Prof. Harsha Raveendran Assistant Professor (Adhoc) M.Tech 9446772529
15 Prof. Suranya Das Assistant Professor (Adhoc) M.Tech 9633295975
16 Prof. Hasna M Assistant Professor (Adhoc) M.Tech 9048442523

---Technical Staff---

# Name Post Held Qualification Experience Contact No Email Id
1 Ms. Jyothi T. Computer programmer(HG) M.C.A. , MBA(OM),PGDHRM, MA(Psychology) More than 24 years 9447054909
2 Ms. Rajeswary V.P. Instructor Grade II Diploma in Computer Engineering MCom More than 20 years 9496961878
3 Mr. Muhammed Ajmal U.K. Instructor Grade II (Adhoc Faculty) Diploma In Computer Hardware Engineering 1 year 9020074151
4 Mr. Sujith Kumar K.B. Trade Instructor Grade II I.T.I. More than16 years 9846317051
5 Mr. Musthafa P.K. Trade Instructor Grade II I.T.I. More than 3 years 9447301460
6 Mr. Dinesan Koroth Trade Instructor Grade II I.T.I. More than 20 years 9847093137
7 Mr. Sankaran Namboodhiri Trade Technician I.T.I. More than 5 years 9495723285
8 Ms.Salija E.L. Trade Technician B.Tech. ,Diploma 2 years 7902981347
9 Mr. Abdul Rashad A.C. Trade Technician (Adhoc Faculty) B.Tech. 1 year 9961240288
10 Mr.. Ajo P.A. Trade Technician (Adhoc Faculty) V.H.S.E. (Computer Science) Less than one year 9567817707


  • Placements
  • Placements

---PEOs & PSOs---

Program Educational Objectives (PEOs)
The program educational objectives (PEOs) are formed by keeping in mind that the UG program, PG programs in Computer Science and Engineering, aims at moulding the graduates for rewarding productive careers in the engineering profession. Accordingly, upon successful completion of the program, the graduates are expected to:
PEO-1: To produce graduates having a strong knowledge of basic science, Mathematics & Engineering and ability to use these tools to address real world problems as a team.
PEO-2: To develop ability among the students to perform as competent engineering professionals in industry , government or other organizations by acquiring technical knowledge in specialized areas of Computer Science and Engineering with a focus on research , innovation and management.
PEO-3: To provide opportunities for the students to work with multidiscipline field of engineering so as to enlarge the ability among the students to understand the different industrial environments.
PEO-4: To inculcate a sense of ethics, professionalism and effective communication skills amongst graduates.
Program Specific Objectives (PSOs)