Today’s world requires speed on each and every field. Hence rapidness and quick working is the most important. Now days for achieving rapidness, various machines and equipments are manufactured by man. The engineers are in constantly facing to the challenges of bringing ideas and design in to reality. New machines and techniques are being developed continuously to manufacture various products at cheaper rates and high quality. The power transmission is an important thing in engineering world.

There are several problems associated with power transmission through gears. We are proposing a Gearless power transmission system that can replace the existing gears and transmit power to a wide range of angles for low power transmission. We are employing motor, belt & pulley, shafts, nut & bolt and bearings for power transmission.

The project ‘GEARLESS POWER TRANSMISSION’ is being compact and portable equipment, which is skill full and is having something precise in transmitting power at 0-180 angle without any gears being manufactured.