Tender NoDescriptionDepartmentLast Date of Receipt
D1/1764/2022/GEC WYD Dtd. 27/07/2022 Quotation No. 14/2022-2023/GECWYDQuotation for supply and installation of CBR Single speed testing mechine for Civil Engg. Dept.Office12-08-2022 02.00 PM
D1/2551/2022/GEC WYD Dtd. Quotation No. 15/2022-2023/GECWYDQuotation for Supply and Installation of Direct Shear Test Apparatus for Civil Engg. Dept. Office17-08-2022 02.00 PM
D1/2551/2022/GEC WYD Dtd. Quotation No. 11/2022-2023/GECWYDQuotation for wash room Principal's rest roomOffice22-08-2022 02.00 PM
D1/2354/2022/GEC WYD Dtd. 14-07-2022 Tender No. 13/2022-2023/GECWYDQuotation for Repair and maintanance of LED Solar Street lights in GECW Campus.Office10-08-2022 02.00 PM
D1/2354/2022/GEC WYD Dtd. 14-07-2022 Tender No. 07/2022-2023/GECWYDPurchase of 5KV Insulation tester and earth tester (EEE).Office29-08-2022 02.00 PM
D1/2350/2022/GEC WYD Dtd. 18-07-2022 Quotation No. 04/2022-2023/GECWYDPurchase of Programable Logic Controller Trainer Kit for the advanced Electrical Engineering Lab (EEE).Office22-08-2022 02.00 PM
D1/2349/2022/GEC WYD Dtd. 13-07-2022 Quotation No. 05/2022-2023/GECWYDPurchase of 1600W programmable DC power supply solar array simulator.Office25-08-2022 02.00 PM
D1/1308/2022/GEC WYD Dtd. 04-07-2022 Quotation No. 12/2022-2023/GECWYDQuotation for the supply and installation of 5 KVA Solar inverter with battery for
Electrical &Electronics Engineering Department..
Office29-07-2022 02.00 PM
D1/2349/2022/GEC WYD Dtd. 01-07-2022 Quotation No. 10/2022-2023/GECWYDPurchase of Equipment of Power Electronics Lab of EEE Dept.Office10-08-2022 02.00 PM
D2/3173/2022/GEC WYD Dtd. 01-07-2022 Quotation No. 10/2022-2023/GECWYDWater Proofing Work at Administrative Block.Office12-07-2022 02.00 PM
D1/2394/2022/GEC WYD Dtd. 24-06-2022 Tender No. 02/2022-2023/GECWYD/SNPurchase of 53 Nos Desktop Computers to EEE & ECE Dept.Office25-07-2022 02.00 PM
D2/1813/2022/GEC WYD Dtd. 01-07-2022 Quotation No. 08/2022-2023/GECWYD/SNQuotation for the supply of pneumatic comparator to Mechanical Department..Office20-07-2022 02.00 PM
D2/2551/2022/GEC WYD Dtd. 22-06-2022 Quotation No. 09/2022-2023Quotation for repair and maintenance of LED Solar Street Lights in GECW Campus.Office07-07-2022 02.00 PM
D2/1812/2022/GEC WYD Dtd. 14-06-2022 Quotation No. 07/2022-2023Quotation for Water Pump Set for ME Dept.Office05-07-2022 02.00 PM
D2/2278/2022/GEC WYD Dtd. 08-06-2022 Quotation No. 06/2022-2023Quotation for Impact Testing Machine LL, PL, SL and specific gravity apparatus & Marshal Stability test apparatus to Civil Dept.Office27-06-2022 02.00 PM
D1/2485/2022/GEC WYD Dtd. 01-06-2022 Quotation No. 05/2022-2023Quotation for Supply of Stationery Items Office16-06-2022 02.00 PM
D3/2641/2022/GEC WYD Dtd. 18-05-2022 Quotation No. Canteen/2022-2023Quotation for College Canteen Office27-05-2022 02.00 PM
D1/2449/22/GEC WYD Dtd. 12-05-2022 Quotation No. 03/22-23Supply and Installation of Wi-fi Point to Mens HostelOffice31-05-2022 02.00 PM
D1/949/22/GEC WYD Dtd. 22-04-2022 Quotation No. 02/22Supply of Plastic Arm Chair (LH) Office12-05-2022 02.00 PM
D2/2616/2021/GECWYD Quotation No. 13/2021-22 Dtd. 01-04-2022Purchase and fixing of Display Boards (Accreditation Purpose)Office19-04-2022 02.00 PM
D3/4709/2021/GECWYD Quotation No. 14/2021-22 Dtd. 04-03-202212V 150 AH Battery Office10-03-2022 02.00 PM
D2/1015/2022/GECWYD Quotation No. 13/2021-22 Dtd. 19-02-2022Health Insurance for Students Office26-02-2022 03.00 PM
D2/2616/2021/GECWYD Quotation No. 13/2021-22 Dtd. 07-02-2022Purchase and fixing of Display Boards (Accreditation Purpose)Office 18-02-2022 02:00:pm
D1/657/22/GECWYD(1)Purchase of Wifi Access Points Office 16-02-2022 02:00:pm
GEM/2022/B/1861158Purchase of Laptops CSE27-01-2022 11:00 AM
GEM/2022/B/1863606 Dated 18/01/22Purchase of Laptops CSE29-01-2022 16:00:00
10/2021-22, D1/2387/21/GECWPurchase of Consumables for various labs in ME Office21/01/2022, 2PM
03/2021-22, D1/2405/21/GECWPurchase of FPGA Evaluation Board in Logic Design LabOffice21/01/2022, 2PM
D1/2403/21/GECWPurchase of Digital Signal Processing Development KitOffice21/01/2022, 2PM
TEQIP/210/2013/2021-22Network Cabling MaintenanceTEQIP07/01/2022, 2PM
D2/4306/2021-22Pedestal FanOffice20/12/2021, 2PM
PTA/01/2020Plastering of Openstage

TEQIP/01/2020-21Laptop/Desktop MaintenanceAll departments30/08/2020, 2PM (Extended due to COVID Situation)
23/2020-21Quotation for Kitchen VesselsLadies Hostel30/11/2020 2 PM
24/2020-21Quotation for purchase of Consumables(Chemistry Lab)17/12/2020, 2PM
Quotation No. 17/2019-2020Purchase of Wet Grinder for hostelsHostels22/12/2020 2PM