Projects and Demo Lab

All laboratories are made available for all faculty members and students to carry out research work and projects. All the laboratories are utilized by the students who are interested to do the projects in house. Project lab is exclusively used for project and research activities. Students and faculties are making use of these various facilities provided in the project laboratories for doing their projects and to realize their innovative ideas into practical applications for the welfare of the human being and the society. The project laboratories have the required power supply units, a 3D printer, TIG, MIG and Arc welding machine etc. to work with. High speed Internet facility is always available. The systems can support advanced software which are useful for projects. Moreover, it also has many of the advanced simulation softwares/IDEs such as Ansys, SolidWorks and Libre CAD. which are mainly for the design and simulation studies of various analysis in Mechanical Engineering. Some of the best projects are displayed in the lab for giving demonstrations to the students.

Dismantled Mahindra Marshal Jeep (KL 12 A 7888)

Models and Cut Section