Agriculture is the backbone of Indian economy. A weed is essentially any plant which grows where it is unwanted or in the wrong place at the wrong time and doing more harm than good. It is a plant that competes with crops for water, nutrients and light. This can reduce crop production and decrease the value of land, increase cost of cleaning. Weed control is one of the most difficult tasks in agriculture that accounts for a considerable share of the cost involved in agricultural production. Weeding is the removal of unwanted plants in the field crops.

Mechanical weed control is very effective as it helps to reduce drudgery involved in manual weeding , it kills the weed and also keeps the soil surface loose ensuring soil aeration and water intake capacity. Environmental degradation and pollution caused by chemical is reduced by the use of Mechanical weeder. Low effective operation, low work effort and high time requirement for different types of hoe or cutlass, can be overcome with the use of mechanical weeder.