The Machine Tools Lab II is dedicated to metrology and quality control in manufacturing. Students use advanced machines like CNC lathe and CNC Milling Machine. Also use surface profilometers to measure dimensional accuracy, surface finish, and geometric tolerances of machined components. This lab instils the importance of meeting industry standards and ensuring the quality of engineered products. 


  • Apply the procedures to measure length, angles, width, depth, bore diameters, internal and external tapers, tool angles, and surface roughness by using different instruments and by different indirect methods. 
  • Determine limits and fits and allocate tolerances for machine components CNC programming and to use coordinate measuring machine to record measurements of complex profiles with high sensitivity. 
  • Use effective methods of measuring straightness, Squareness, flatness, roundness, profile, screw threads and gear teeth. 
  • Securing knowledge of manufacturing components within the tolerance limit and surface roughness according to given drawings using various machine tools. 

LAB IN CHARGE  : Prof. Ridhinraj V R   TECHNICAL-STAFF-IN-CHARGE   : Sri. Thomas N S