The college council held on 26/02/2020 has decided to constitute a Green Protocol Committee.
Subsequently as per order no.C4/1097/20/GECWYD dated 03/03/2020 GREEN ARMY GECW was formed with following members:

Prof. Smitha Karunan, Asst. Prof CSE , Coordinator

Prof. Jobin Jose, Asst. Prof CSE

Sri. Raveendran C A, Administrative Assistant.

Sri. Shajahan, Sergeant, GEC Wayanad

Sri. Pavithran, Confidential Assistant.

Sri. Sujith Kumar K B, Technical Staff, CSE

Sri.Shijil Stephen, D2 Section, Clerk

Smt. Telma J, Supporting Staff.

Sri. Sasi, Supporting Staff.

The aim of the committee is to reduce the quantity of waste generated and to manage the waste generated as per Green Protocol norms.

We have setup the following facilities inside the campus
Segregates bio and non biodegradable wastes

Composting the bio degradable wastes using ring compost.

Keep the non-biodegradable clean and dry and will be hand it over to the scrap dealers or local body systems.

An Awareness programme on GREEN PROTOCOL AT OFFICES has conducted at our college on 201/01/2021. Venue was CSE Seminar hall

The Resource person was Mr. Anoop K, Programme Officer, Suchitwa Mission, Wayanad.