Double shoe brake

  •  Double block or shoe brake consists of two blocks or shoes situated at opposite ends of circumference of brake drum (wheel). This arrangement reduces the unbalanced force acting on the shaft, when brake is applied. The upper ends of brake arms are set together by using a spring.
  • The Double-Shoe Brake block represents a frictional brake with two pivoted rigid shoes that press against a rotating drum to produce a braking action. The rigid shoes sit inside or outside the rotating drum in a diametrically opposed configuration. A positive actuating force causes the rigid shoes to press against the rotating drum.
  • The additional brake shoe increases the surface area in contact with the drum, resulting in improved braking efficiency and shorter stopping distances.
  • The double shoe design helps distribute braking force more evenly across the drum, which contributes to better stability and control during braking.
  • Double shoe brakes are mechanically straight for war