Cooling Pump

  • The cooling pump is also known as the water pump. It is located in the engine compartment and is responsible for circulating coolant through the engine and radiator to keep the engine cool
  • The water pump is basically the heart of your cooling system in your Jeep. If your pump is starting to fail or leaking coolant, it won’t be able to keep up with the cooling needs of the engine.
  • The water pump pushes coolant from the radiator through the coolant system, into the engine and back around to the radiator.
  • The heat that the coolant picked up from the engine is transfer red to the air at the radiator .Without the water pump, the coolant just sits in the system.
  • It maintains the engine operating temperature.  
  • Where it works most efficiently; and finally, it brings the engine up to the right operating temperature a s quickly a s possible.