It is very important to accelerate the transition to sustainable transport because already the pollution levels in the atmosphere staggeringly high. Recently the metropolitan Delhi hit a record 999 in the pollution scale overtaking China. This translates to steadily increasing global temperature. The current transportation system will not give a lasting solution to the challenge raised by the climate change, energy security, suitability, pollution. The conversion of present transportation system is one of the most difficult aspects of renewable transportation. Designing and fabricating a hover board with forklift mechanism powered by lead acid batteries can be considered as a solution having huge potential towards this direction .In today’s life, forklift have become one in all the fundamental transportation tools we tend to use in our lives.

This is a small but can be a significant step towards suitable transport. This will be compact enough to move not only between office floors but also on ordinary roads. It will only require very less parking space and will be portable enough to carry.

Moreover, it can be forecasted for a low maintenance due to the simplicity in construction and lesser number of moving parts can be used by anyone irrespective of age. This will have 3 motor setup, and have a handle for more safety.