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Notice-Registration for B. Tech S7 Supplementary Exam Dec. 20202021/01/21Events, News Flash2021-01-21 17:53:01
Fee payment for B. Tech Students (2020-21 Admission including LET)Instruction for Digital Payment2021/01/18Events, News Flash2021-01-18 22:33:40
Appointment of Camp Assistant, List of selected candidates for interview2021/01/18Events, News Flash2021-01-18 22:17:52
B. Tech S1 (Spl. Imp) Exam 2021 Registration and Fee Payment Reg:2021/01/15Events, News Flash2021-01-15 23:38:18
Non GATE Scholarship2021/01/13Events, News Flash2021-01-13 22:54:27
Quotation Extension Notice (Physics Lab)2021/01/08Events, News Flash2021-01-08 17:07:21
Interview Guest Faculty (Civil Engg)2021/01/08Events, News Flash2021-01-08 17:05:10
Notice (Scholarship)2021/01/01Events, News Flash2021-01-01 20:35:39
Notice related to Scholarship2020/12/25Events, News Flash2020-12-25 14:07:52
Kannur University B. Tech Internal Improvement ExamKannur University Internal Improvement Exam (GECW Notice) Notification – Kannur University Internal Improvement Exam2020/12/18Events, News Flash2020-12-18 10:39:34
Notice : Scholarship2020/12/16Events, News Flash2020-12-16 19:05:23
Equipment in Circuits & Measurement Lab2020/12/15Events, News Flash, Tenders2020-12-15 23:22:19
Series Test – Schedule2020/12/06Events, News Flash2020-12-06 21:07:42
Tender – Purchase for Wet Griender for LH2020/12/05Events, News Flash2020-12-05 14:36:49
Series Test – Notice2020/12/02Events, News Flash2020-12-02 21:26:33
Quotation for purchase of consumables (Physics Lab)2020/12/02Events, News Flash2020-12-02 21:21:24
Quotation for purchase of consumables (Chemistry Lab)2020/12/02Events, News Flash, Tenders2020-12-02 21:08:28
B Tech 7th Sem Suppli. Revaluation & Answersheet copy2020/12/01Events, News Flash2020-12-01 15:34:01
Induction Programme Schedule For the KTU Sessions visit KTU’s official Facebook page. For the GECW FB Page  …2020/12/01Events, News Flash2020-12-01 09:57:58
E Grantz & MCM ScholarshipE-Grantz Scholarships2020/11/30Events, News Flash2020-11-30 19:23:46
Minority Scholarships2020/11/25Events, News Flash2020-11-25 20:26:16
Semester RegistrationNotice Semester Registration Online Payment Application Form for Semester Registration2020/11/25Events, News Flash2020-11-25 20:01:19
Seminar Presentation by Nija KS Research Scholar, ECE, GECW2020/11/17Events, News Flash2020-11-17 16:05:59
Quotation for Kitchen Vessels (LH)2020/11/17Events, News Flash, Tenders2020-11-17 15:57:41
6th B. Tech Comprehensive Examination (Oral Part)2020/11/17Events, News Flash2020-11-17 12:59:52
Projjwala – Online Arts Festival of Dept of ECEProjjwala2020/11/13Events, News Flash2020-11-13 22:45:00
B.Tech. – Evening course in Electronics & Communication Engg.Notification  Director of Technical Education (Kerala) has invited applications for  B.Tech. – Evening course in …2020/11/06Events, News Flash2020-11-06 14:13:00
Quotation – Purchase of Printer2020/11/04News Flash, Tenders2020-11-04 21:13:10
Instruction to Online payment (Sem Registration)2020/10/31Events, News Flash2020-10-31 10:36:03
The registration for Power quiz (KSEB) is extended to 30/10/2020.The registration for Power quiz (KSEB) is extended to 30/10/2020.2020/10/29Events, News Flash2020-10-29 14:44:54
M. Tech S3 Course Registration2020/10/28Events, News Flash2020-10-28 20:21:52
B. Tech S5, S7 Course Registration2020/10/28Events, News Flash2020-10-28 20:13:46
Annexure IV(B)2020/10/27Events2020-10-27 20:50:31
B.Tech 2020 TC/CC2020/10/27Events, News Flash2020-10-27 20:31:53
Annexure IV(B)2020/10/27Events2020-10-27 11:35:16
B Tech Admission 2020-21 Check List2020/10/24Admissions 20202020-10-24 09:17:30
B Tech/ M Tech Admission 2020-21 Guidance from DTE2020/10/23Admissions 20202020-10-23 22:06:49
Inauguration of GO,NGO Quarters and Ladies Hostel II by Honourable CM2020/10/22Events, News Flash2020-10-22 17:54:14
B Tech Comprehensive Oral Exam2020/10/19Events, News Flash2020-10-19 16:18:06
Tender – Purchase of UPS2020/10/16Events, News Flash, Tenders2020-10-16 23:50:59
PTA Security Cabin Work2020/10/15Events, News Flash, Tenders2020-10-15 15:43:51
Repair of function generators in various labs in ECE2020/10/15Events, News Flash, Tenders2020-10-15 15:33:59
Online Payment using Digipay2020/10/13Events, News Flash2020-10-13 17:38:05
Quotation for Wet Grinders2020/10/12Events, News Flash, Tenders2020-10-12 16:17:23
Tender : Supply of Equipments in various Labs2020/10/12Events, News Flash, Tenders2020-10-12 15:57:45
Fee Structure B Tech Students2020/10/07Events, News Flash2020-10-07 13:43:50
S3 B Tech. Supply. Registration2020/10/06Events, News Flash2020-10-06 16:51:02
Laptop for Students2020/10/01Events, News Flash2020-10-01 14:46:35
Scholarship (C.H. Muhd. Koya-Renewal)2020/09/29Events, News Flash2020-09-29 14:50:24
Scholarship AICTE2020/09/29Events, News Flash2020-09-29 14:41:33
Registration for B Tech S5 & S8 Suply. Exam2020/09/28Events, News Flash2020-09-28 21:20:27
Kannur University Supplementary Examination 20202020/09/28Events, News Flash2020-09-28 19:59:18
Short Tender for Lap & Comp. Maintenance2020/09/25Events, News Flash, Tenders2020-09-25 12:21:17
Scholarships Renewal2020/09/23Events, News Flash2020-09-23 20:40:08
College Bus – No Service           2020/09/18Events, News Flash2020-09-18 14:48:15
Appointment to Camp Assistant (Exam Cell)2020/09/16career, Events, News Flash2020-09-16 15:01:22
Quotation Open Stage Plastering2020/09/11Events, News Flash, Tenders2020-09-11 23:34:18
Regn. for B Tech S1, S2, S6 Suply. ExamRegistration for B Tech Supplementary Exam S1, S2, S62020/09/09Events, News Flash2020-09-09 15:24:24
Instructions to Students (Suply. Exams)2020/09/08Covid19, Events, News Flash2020-09-08 17:55:34
KTU Supplementary Examination September 2020Those who are coming from containment zone, or under quarantine, or having symptoms like Flue …2020/09/07Events, News Flash2020-09-07 15:50:32
Ad hoc Faculty in English/ Humanities-2020-21 – Short ListAd hoc Faculty in English/Humanities-2020-21 Instructions for the Candidates2020/08/22career2020-08-22 20:21:01
Chemistry Adhoc Faculty Shortlist & InstructionsShort List Instructions2020/08/21career2020-08-21 23:28:18
Physics Adhoc Faculty Short list and Instructions 2020  Short List Instructions2020/08/20career2020-08-20 14:27:17
Interview Details Adhoc Faculty Department of EEEShort list for Interview, EEE2020/08/19career2020-08-19 14:36:24
Short list of Adhoc Faculty Posting Department of CSEShort List CSE2020/08/19career2020-08-19 11:39:05
Short_list CSE_Adhoc 20-212020/08/19career2020-08-19 11:22:46
Short list of Adhoc Faculty posting ECE Dept.2020/08/18career2020-08-18 17:05:48
B Tech S4(S) & S7(S) Exam Sept 2020 – Exam Registration and Fee Payment2020/08/17Events, News Flash2020-08-17 14:29:19
Expert Talk on Application Of Operation Research in Airline IndustryExpert Talk on Application Of Operation Research in Airline Industry2020/08/13Events2020-08-13 11:05:18
Appointment of Guest Faculty 2020-21Appointment of Guest Faculty 2020-212020/08/11career2020-08-11 10:06:11
Desh Ki Awaz2020/08/10Events2020-08-10 10:01:07
Vaccancy Report S3 & S52020/07/22Events, News Flash2020-07-22 13:19:34
KEAM 2020 – Help Desk2020/07/10Events, News Flash2020-07-10 17:58:04
Notice Office arrangements, Covid192020/07/10Events, News Flash2020-07-10 17:51:11
Instruction Against Covid-192020/07/01Covid19, Events, News Flash2020-07-01 17:28:25
NoticeNotice (C1)2020/06/16Events, News Flash2020-06-16 20:35:43
Disaster Management AuthorityJoin Disaster Management Authority2020/03/20Events, News Flash2020-03-20 12:52:03
B Tech Semester RegistrationNotice2020/02/26Events, News Flash2020-02-26 14:30:14
Mehanas (CSE) placed in TCS2019/09/18Congratulations2019-09-18 11:10:09
Aishwarya (CSE) placedin TCS2019/09/13Congratulations2019-09-13 21:39:29
Punarjjani Appreciation Award 2017/07/06Congratulations2017-07-06 06:00:39
Abid Tharavattath – Directorate Level Best NSS Programme Officer Award  GEC Wayanad NSS programme officer Abid Tharavattath received best programme officer award of the …2017/05/06Congratulations2017-05-06 15:02:45
Directorate Level Best NSS Unit AwardGEC Wayanad has received Directorate Level Best NSS Unit Award of the academic year 2016-17.2017/05/06Congratulations2017-05-06 15:00:03
District Level Third prize in Institutional cultivation by Agriculture Dept.2017/03/29Congratulations, NSS2017-03-29 15:01:27
National Service Scheme State Level Manaveeyam Award2017/03/02Congratulations, NSS2017-03-02 06:48:35
KTU F-Zone chess womens champions& mens runners-up2017/02/17Congratulations, Sports2017-02-17 13:46:30