Fuel Tank

  • The fuel tank in jeeps are located under the body in front of the rear axle.
  • The fuel tank in a Jeep is used to store gasoline or diesel fuel which is used to power the engine. 
  •  The fuel is pumped from the tank to the engine where it is burned to produce energy that powers the vehicle.
  • The fuel tank is responsible for holding the vast majority of the gas in the fuel system’, The tank can be filled from the outside via a small hole that is sealed with a gas cap when not in use. 
  •  A float works an electrical sender unit that transmit current to the fuel gauge, signalling how much petrol is in the tank.
  • Fuel leaving the fuel tank and fuel pump passes through a fuel filter which purifies and gets rid of any containment.
  • Most fuel tanks are made out of metal or plastic. Metal fuel tanks are usually built by welding stamped sheet metal parts together. Plastic fuel tanks are usually built using blow molding.