Dr. K M Abdul Hameed

Dr. Abdul Hameed received  B.Tech  in Electronics and communication Engineering from Kerala University , India in 1988, M.Tech  in Digital Systems and communication Engineering  and Ph.D   (Signal processing) from NIT Calicut.

          He has  been teaching various subjects for B. Tech. (ECE) and M. Tech.( Signal processing ) for over 25 years in several faculty capacities such as Lecturer, Assistant Professor, Associate Professor, Professor and Head in the Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering, Government Engineering Colleges under the Technical Education Department of  Kerala state, India. He has also served as chairman, PG board of studies , Calicut University and is a member of Academic Committee of APJ Abdul Kalam Kerala Technological University.

           His major areas of interest are Wireless communication systems , Signal processing  and  Embedded systems .



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