Diesel Leakoff Pipe

  • The diesel leak-off pipe is a component of the fuel system that returns excess fuel from the injectors back to the fuel tank. The location of this pipe can vary depending on the model and year of the vehicle.
  •  A fuel overflow pipe or diesel leak-off pipe is designed to protect the fuel system. Plus, it ensures the diesel injector works and releases excess pressure. It also prevents vapour blocking in the fuel system.
  • The leak-off pipes link the injectors to a spill rail, which takes excess fuel back to the injection pump and then back to the tank. They are small braided hoses that can wear over time and can introduce air into the system
  • The fuel that runs through them is of low pressure and it is not always noticeable when these perish, but they can introduce air when the engine is off. This can cause long cranking times when starting, attributed to the diesel draining back to the tank
  • The material used for the diesel leak-off pipe can vary, but it is