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Head of Department :Dr. Sreekumar C.

The Electrical and Electronics Engineering Department provides excellent infrastructure, well qualified faculty and student-friendly learning environment for imparting value added technical education in Electrical and electronics engineering.

Since 2010, The Department conducts a 4 year Under graduate Programme leading to Bachelor of Technology in Electrical & Electronics Engg. The present first year intake of students is 60. Six students are admitted from 3rd semester under Lateral entry Scheme. The present faculty strength of the Department is 12 comprising of one Professor , 2 Associate Professors and 9 Assistant Professors. Department has well qualified 9 supporting lab staffs to assist in the conduct of laboratory classes and electrical maintenance. The Department has good laboratory and library facilities for the conduct of the UG Programme and to pursue academic research. All Electrical maintenance and developmental activities within the campus are overseen and undertaken by the department.

Vision of the Department

Be a hub of premium infrastructure, motivating atmosphere and inspiring faculty, nurturing talented workforce, competent in successfully addressing the problems of Electrical and Electronics Engineering.

Mission of the Department

To Mould the Maturing young minds by Continuous and Rigorous training for imparting professional competence in EEE to cater the Societal needs, to encourage industry and societal interaction, talking up projects to cultivate and boost up R&D, Entrepreneurship skills and to Provide value based education and evaluation, fostering ethics and good practices. 


  1. i) Electrical Workshop

This basic workshop in Electrical Engineering provides  facility for familirization of  different types of electrical accessories, types of wiring, basic electronic circuits etc. They also get hands on experience on various wiring circuits.
List of Important Machinery and Equipments:
Drilling machine, Bench vice, Tool grinding machine, Coil winding machine, Oscilloscopes, Soldering stations, Signal generator, Multimeters, Models of insulators, machines & accessories, wiring tools etc.

  1. ii) Electrical Machines Laboratory

It has around 20 machines which include DC machines, Synchronous and asynchronous machines and transformers and their supporting instruments.Experiments are done on various AC and DC machines to study their characteristics and evaluate their performance.
List of Important Machinery and Equipments:

Three phase alternator D.C machine sets, Three phase synchronous induction motor,Three phase slip-ring induction motor, Three phase squirrel cage induction motor, Three phase double cage induction motor, Induction machine D.C machine sets, Single phase induction motor, Isolated d.c machines, Identical d.c machine sets, Main 3 Phase Slip ring I/M -dc generator set, Single Phase transformer, Three Phase transformer, Single phase and Three phase auto-transformer. Loading rheostats and choke coils, DC and ac motor starters, CTs and PTs, DC indicating meters, AC indicating meters, Frequency meters, Analog and digital multimeters, Clip-on meters, Tachometers, Stop watches, Synchronizing lamp sets etc.

Labin-charge: Mrs. Bindumol

iii  Electrical Measurements Laboratory

It is well equipped forme asurement of variousel ectrical quantities with sufficient number of measuring equipments.  The basic theoremsin electrical engineering are also experimentally verified here.   Calibration of Ammeters, Voltmeters, Energymeters etc are done.
List of Important Machinery and Equipments:
Galvanometers, Energy meters,Flux meter, DC volt ratio box, Standard cell,Decade inductors capacitors and resistors, Kelvin’s double bridge, Earth tester, Function generators, Insulation tester, Oscilloscopes, Vernier dial potentiometers, LCR meters, Slide wire potentiometers, Standard resistances, Phase shifting transformer, Wheastone bridge, Rotating substandard meter, Regulated power supply of various ranges, Instrument transformers, Meter testing bunch, Indicating instruments of various ranges both AC & DC etc.

LabIn-charge: Mrs. Sheeba Paulose

  1. Digital Electronics Lab

Digital Electronics lab has facilities to familiarise various logic gates, counters, oscillators, and registers etc. This lab focuses the fourth semester electrical and electronics engineering students.
List of Important Machinery and Equipments:
Digital circuts trainer kits, Power supply boards for trainer kits, Digital IC

Lab in charge: Mrs. Smitha K S

  1. Power Electronics Lab
    The lab is equipped with equipments for power electronic device based experiments. Various converters, choppers and rectifiers can be designed.  This lab focuses on the sixth semester electrical and electronics engineering students.
    Lab in charge: Dr. Rajeev
  2. List of Important Machinery andEquipments :
    Thyristor modules, Diac modules, Triac modules, Thyristor Convertors- Signal generators, Real time oscilloscopes, Ammeters, Voltmeters, Multimeters etc.

    Lab in charge: Mr. Abdul Kareem.
  3. Software Lab

This lab helps the students to learn more on programming using C, numerical analysis using C, MATLAB programming. MATLAB/SIMULINK . The students of seventh semester are getting an introduction with 8086 microprocessorsand microcontrollers.
Lab in charge: Mrs. Shilpi M.

vii.   Advanced Electrical Engineering Lab

Advanced electrical engineering lab provides facility to conduct experiments to determine the transfer function of DC motor, study of PID controller and study of lead, lag and lead-lag compensator etc.
Lab in charge: Dr. Rajeev

viii. Department Library                                

The department library has a collection of more than 100 books on subjects related to the curriculum. Previous year’s question papers, catalogues of electronics equipment, seminar and project reports forB.Tech students are also available.
Lab in charge: Mr. Sivadasan

ix   Department Computer Centre

The DCC is meant for hands-on training as well as sharing the computational resources by staff and students of all departments. A high speed broadband internet facility is functioning. Students can browse the web, free of cost. This is working in connection with software lab.
Lab in charge: Mrs.Shilpi M



NamePostQualificationPhoneEmail ID
Dr. Sreekumar CProfessor & HeadPhd9495744268sreekumar@gecwyd.ac.in
Dr.Anasraj R.Associate ProfessorPhd9400161561anasraj@gecwyd.ac.in
Ms. Bindumol E. K.Assistant ProfessorM. Tech.9447865430bindumole@gecwyd.ac.in
Mr. Somasundaran P.Assistant ProfessorM. Tech9757417553somasundaran@gecwyd.ac.in
Ms.Smitha K. S.Assistant ProfessorM. Tech9495391329smithaks@gecwyd.ac.in
Dr. Rajeev T.Assistant ProfessorPh. D9447889009rajeevt@gecwyd.ac.in
Mrs. Sheeba PauloseAssistant ProfessorM. Tech.9847613366sheebapaulose@gecwyd.ac.in
Mr. Sivadasan K. V.Assistant ProfessorM.Tech8943605690kvsivadasan@gecwyd.ac.in
Ms.Shilpi M.Assistant ProfessorM Tech9496091760shilpim@gecwyd.ac.in
Mr.Sukesh A.Assistant ProfessorM. Tech9495241299sukesh.pilicode@gmail.com
Mr.Abdul Saleem PKAssistant ProfessorM. Tech9400306819abdulsaleempk@gmail.com
Mr. Jineesh C.Assistant Professor(Adhoc)M. Tech7034763038
Ms.Remyasree Assistant Professor(AdhocM Tech8281387839remyasree51@gmail.com

Technical Staff

NamePostQualificationPhoneEmail ID
Mr. Krishnaprasad.Trade InstructorDiploma in Electrical Engg9020318554krishnaprasad@gecwyd.ac.in
Ms. Anusha M VijayTrade InstructorDiploma in Electrical Engg9400382864anushamvijay@gmail.com
Mr. Sujith C.STrade InstructorDiploma in Electrical Engg9947300910palpuemily@gmail.com
Ms. Sisira SasikumarTradesmanDiploma9995939227sisirasasikumar22@gmail.com
Mr. Girish V PTradesmanITI9447546479gireeshvp55@gmail.com
Mr. Sarath S KurupTradesmanB Tech9020331954sarathskurup93@gmail.com
Mr.Muhammed ShafeekTradesmanDiploma9744699414shafeekkp@gmail.com
Mr.Jithin CTradesmanB Tech9633205715jithinc.c5@gmail.com
Mr. Unni M BTradesmanDiploma9645169690unnimp3@gmail.com


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